Nick the Neck Stretching Zombie is a extremely rare Halloween prop made in 2008.
$ 57 (4)

Nick the Neck Stretching Zombie box


Nick is wearing a white shirt, black bowtie, and brown overalls.

When activated via push button, motion, or sound, Nick's eyes light up, and he pulls up his neck has he say many phrases. 
$ 57 1

Nick the Neck Stretching Zombie


-The vampires all love me, wanna see why? (Pulls neck and laughs)

-Wow, is my neck sore, hold on! (Pulls neck) Got it!

-I would forget my own head (Pulls neck) If it wasn't attached (laughs)

-It's Halloween if you didn't know, just thought I would give you a (Pulls neck) Heads up -You know, I've always wanted to be taller, wait (Pulls neck) much better (laughs)


-He was sold at Michaels in 2008.

-He is 2 feet 5in tall, but after he pulls up his neck, he's 3 feet tall.

Gemmy neck puller00:25

Gemmy neck puller

Nick the Neck Stretching Zombie in action

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