The Over The Hill frogz is part of the Frogz collection made in 2007. He wears a black shirt that reads "Over the hill" on it and has a colorful party hat. He holds a walker in his hands and wears eyeglasses. He moves his head, arms and mouth while singing "When I'm 64".

There are two versions of this frog. This one of course, and then a 50th birthday one.
Old frog

Over the hill Frogz


-It is Based on a Dancing hamster Over The Hill that sings They Say It's Your Birthday.

-It also has the same mouth movement as Rappers Delight, On the Road Again, It's 5 O Clock somewhere, Happy Birthday, No Scrubs, Devil Went down to Georgia, and As Good As I Once was.

-This is the one of the four "over the hill" frogz in the series.

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