The Rocky Balboa animated figure is made in 2002 and is part of the Gemmy Pop culture series. Rocky moves his arms in a boxing motion as he turns his head and moves his mouth and says 20 phrases from the Rocky movie. He also performs boxing motions while the songs "Eye of the tiger" and "Gonna fly now (A.K.A The Rocky movie theme)" play.


Rocky Baloba in the box

Gemmy pop culture series-Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa animated figure

List of Rocky's phrasesEdit


-"Yo Paulie!"

-"How's the turtle food this week?"

-"You gotta be a moron to wanna be a fighter."

-"You ain't born with too much of a brain so you better start using your body."

-"See that nose? That nose ain't never been broken in 64 fights."

-"They oughtta stick this face on a stamp."

-"I know you were looking for sparring partners and I just want to say I'm very available you know."

-"Hey Ardin, I'm serious now, There's no fooling around during training".

-"I hit the beef here, and I kinda liked it."

-"Heyyy Yo!"

-"Hey, Butkus!"

-"Women weak legs."

-"Is something wrong with my face?"

-"I shoulda broke your thumb!"

-"I feel like calling a taxi to take me from the bed to the bathroom."

-"Yo Ardin! It's me, Rocky!"

-"Yeah, I'll fight the big fight."

-"Yo Paulie your sister's with me. I'll call you back later."

-"I ain't never had good footwork."

-"The worst thing about fighting it the morning after."

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