Sidesteppers are a series of animated dancing characters made in 2010. Each one shuffles across the floor, some move their heads, and are available in several different animals and characters.

List of Animals Edit

Dog-"Who Let The Dogs Out?"

Bear (Birthday)-"Happy Birthday To You"

Frog-"Shake It"

Monkey (Boy)-"Calle Ocho (I Know You Want Me)"

Monkey (Girl)-"TiK Tok"

Dino (Boy)-"Low"

Dino (Girl)-"Calabria feat. Natasja"

Zebra-"Party Rock Anthem"

Party Rock Puppy-"Party Rock Anthem"

Workout Dog-"I'm sexy & I know it".


Charlie Brown-"Linus & Lucy"

Snoopy-"Linus and Lucy"

Frosty-"Frosty the Snowman"

Bumble-"Holly Jolly Christmas"

Spongebob-"Jingle Bells" (instrumental)

Hello Kitty-"Jingle Bells" (instrumental)

Bear-"U Can't Touch This" (parody)

Sock Monkey (red version) - "Only Girl in the World"

Snowman - "Dance Again"

Reindeer - "Give Your Heart A Break"

Penguin - "Like a G6" (parody)

Camo Santa - "The 12 Days of Christmas" (parody)

Mr. Potato - "Do You Hear What I Hear"

Selfie Penguin - "Text Me Merry Christmas"

Robot Santa - "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

Robot Snowman - "Sleigh Ride"


Videos Edit

Gemmy Sidestepper Birthday Bear01:12

Gemmy Sidestepper Birthday Bear

Side Stepper-Frog00:25

Side Stepper-Frog

Side Stepper-Dog00:36

Side Stepper-Dog

Side Stepper-Monkey00:12

Side Stepper-Monkey

Gemmy slide stepper re uplode00:31

Gemmy slide stepper re uplode

Dancing Dinosaur in the Aisle00:46

Dancing Dinosaur in the Aisle

The girl dinosaur who sings "Calabria"

Dancing Dino00:20

Dancing Dino

Gemmy Side stepping Spongebob-100:27

Gemmy Side stepping Spongebob-1

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