Rocky the rockin' gorilla00:31

Rocky the rockin' gorilla

Rocky gorilla in action

Gemmy hot hot hot gorilla00:28

Gemmy hot hot hot gorilla

Harry D. Ape in action

The singing gorillas were made in 1997 and 1998. Each one sings a different song and some of them have monkey noises edited into the songs. (Harry D. Ape & Rocky Gorilla)

Sitting GorillasEdit

Harry D. Ape (Both Versions) - Hot Hot Hot

Rocky the Rockin' Gorilla (Both Versions) - Great Balls of Fire

Jingle Jungle Jim - Jingle Bell Rock

NOTE: Some editions are sound activated, while others are activated by pressing the left hand.

Standing GorillasEdit

Sports Gorilla (College Teams) - Rock n' Roll (Part 2)

Sports Gorilla (Original) - Rock n' Roll (Part 2)

Tony Valentino - That's Amore

NOTE: The standing gorillas can be posed to sit as well.


Some other Gemmy products also use the recordings of the songs from Harry and Rocky (e.g. Dancing Dragon) therefor, those items feature the monkey noises in their songs too. Some of them (mostly Halloween) had the recordings as well.

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