The Sledding Peanuts Trio is an animated Christmas decoration made in 2006, and is based on the "Peanuts" comic strip. Snoopy sits in the front with Woodstock on his head, Charlie Brown sits in the middle wearing a green sweater and Santa Claus hat, and Linus sits in the back holding his blanket and wears winter clothes. The sled is red with blue rope that Charlie Brown holds onto, mounted on a white plush base. Snoopy nods his head while Charlie Brown and Linus sway from side to side to classic Peanuts renditions of the 2 classic Christmas carols "Jingle Bells", and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".

Animated Linus, Charlie Brown & Snoopy on Sled Plush

Sledding Peanuts Trio in the box

Animated singing sledding peanuts characters (Gemmy 2006)01:02

Animated singing sledding peanuts characters (Gemmy 2006)

Sledding Peanuts Trio in action

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