The South Park dancing chef is an animated figure made in 1998, and is based on the South Park character "Chef". He moves his head and shoulders side to side while singing "I'm gonna make love to you woman".

Gemmy 1998 south park dancing chef

Dancing chef in the box


-On the back of the package, the item's production date says 1998, but on the copyright claim, the date says 1999.

-Strangely, the item is said to be for ages 6 and up despite the fact that he is from an adult TV show and he sings an inappropriate song.

-This item may have been made to promote the movie, South Park: Bigger, Longer, And Uncut.

South park singing dancing chef

Chef out of the box

South Park Singing Dancing Chef Doll-0

South Park Singing Dancing Chef Doll-0

Dancing chef in action