Spike is a singing porcupine made in 2002, and is part of the Really Wild Wildlife series. He twists side to side and moves his head up and down while singing "Everybody have fun tonight".
GEMMY MOLE Rat Porcupine Moves To ''Everybody Wang Chung Tonight'' Batteries 3

Spike the rocking porcupine

Spike the rocking porcupine

Spike the rocking porcupine in the box


-Dan Dee, another singing toy company, made a head banging dog with a guitar that sings "Hound dog" which has the same movement as spike.

-According to a Wikia contributor's studies, there is an extremely rare version of Spike that sings "Everybody's in the club".

Gemmy - Spike the Rocking Porcupine00:33

Gemmy - Spike the Rocking Porcupine

Spike the Rocking Porcupine in action

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