Spinning snowflake snowman w/ original box

Gemmy - Spinning Snowflake Snowman (2 Song Version)01:22

Gemmy - Spinning Snowflake Snowman (2 Song Version)

Spinning Snowflake Snowman-2 song version in action

Gemmy snowfalke spinning penguin00:34

Gemmy snowfalke spinning penguin

Spinning snowflake pengiun in action

Snowflake Spinning Winnie The Pooh (Gemmy Industries 2005)00:37

Snowflake Spinning Winnie The Pooh (Gemmy Industries 2005)

Snowflake Spinning Winnie the pooh in action

Snow miser version 500:54

Snow miser version 5

Spinning Snowflake Snowman-mini version in action

Frosty the Snowman (Gemmy)01:03

Frosty the Snowman (Gemmy)

Snowflake Spinning Frosty in action

The Snowflake Spinning Snowman is an animated Christmas decoration made from 2002 to 2007. The traditional version wears a blue vest and holds a black top hat in his right hand, while holding a string of blue LED lighted snowflakes in his left hand. He swings his hips and moves his right arm up and down as he spins his lighted snowflakes to the song "Snow Miser" from the classic Rankin/Bass holiday movie The Year Without a Santa Claus . There are many variants of this item, including a French edition. Rumors were spread that a 2017 remake would be in production, but it is confirmed by Gemmy Industries that this isn't true.
Monsieur bonhomme de neige01:12

Monsieur bonhomme de neige

French version in action

Listen to his soundtrack here:

Spinning Snowflake Snowman Sound
Gemmy - Spinning Snowflake Snowman (1-song version)01:01

Gemmy - Spinning Snowflake Snowman (1-song version)

Snowflake Spinning Snowman (1 song version) in action

Variants Edit

  • Original (2 Song Version): The first one made in 2002. He has the same appearance as the more common one song version. He sings "Let it Snow" and "Snow Miser".
  • Original (1 Song Version): The most common variant from 2003. He only sings "Snow Miser". There is an uncommon version that has snowflakes on his vest. There is also an extremely rare version that has legs.
  • 2004 Edition: This edition deviates from the previous two. He has a different facial expression as well as light up cheeks. He wears a dark red scarf, a red vest with green trim, green gloves, and red LED snowflakes.
  • Winnie the Pooh: A Winnie the Pooh version from 2004 and 2005. He turns his head, but does not raise his arm. He wears a Santa suit and hat with a red and green scarf and blue LED snowflakes. He sings "Deck the Halls".
  • Frosty the Snowman: A Frosty the Snowman variant that wears a yellow and red scarf while holding a silk hat in his hand. He has blue LED lights. There are two different versions of this variant: one with a green hat, and one with a black one.
  • Peppermint Spinning Snowman: A rather rare variant. He stands on a peppermint base and wears a red and white scarf, a red polka dot vest with peppermint buttons, a red silk hat, and spins red peppermints. He sings "Peppermint Twist". There is also a blue and a green version who only sing "Snow Miser". The green version holds green LED snowflakes instead of mints.
  • Snow Women: There are female versions of the original snowman. One wears a green vest and sings "Santa Baby", while the other is similar to the red Peppermint Spinning Snowman.
  • 2007 Mini: The 2007 miniature version wears a light blue scarf, red gloves and boots, red buttons, and holds a light blue hat with a red striped band. He sings "Snow Miser" and stands on a light blue base.
  • 2005 Hip swinging model thou it does not spin any snowflakes it is argued to be apart of the snowflake spinners series. He has the same face and gloves but the hat is stitched on this time and has a different red vest and holds a string with 3 plastic snowflakes instead of lighted ones but only sings half of the song.



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