(Gemmy)-Vampire-3 Phrases(reupload)-000:46

(Gemmy)-Vampire-3 Phrases(reupload)-0

Vampire in action

The stone vampire statue is a halloween gemmy item available in Halloween 2014, It's exclusivley at walmart(Maybe, I dont know). It says 3 phrases.


There is also a female witch version

It has the same recording as Count Vigor, a lifesize gemmy made


"Greetings, my name is Vigor, Count Vigor, if I may be of any assistance to you, just scream. Hahahahaha!!"

"I want to drink a toast to your arrival, later, but don't worry, I will find you, when I am ready. And i am great. Hahahahaha!!"

"Ah! Good evening, I am so pleased to see that you made it, come, we are expecting you for, dinner. Hahahahaha!!"

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