Sunny the Singing Sunflower-0

Sunny the Singing Sunflower-0

Sunny in action

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Sunny the singing sunflower's profile picture

 Sunny is an animated singing sunflower made in 1997 and is part of the "Hidden Nature" series. She moves her leaves back and forth and moves her mouth and eyes while singing "You are my sunshine". She is one of the animatronics noted to "come to life", like Douglas Fir and Big Mouth Billy Bass. Sunny would activate through sound or motion it detected.

Product DescriptionEdit

"Bring a smile to your face and brighten up your day with Hidden Nature's Singing Sunflower! Discover flower power as this amazing sunflower serenades you with the song 'You Are My Sunshine'! The movement of the mouth and eyes are coordinated with the song, so that it looks like the flower is singing to you! The eyes light up as well!" - Gemmy Industries Corp.


  • This animatronic made a cameo in the Baby Einstein video "Baby Bach" with Cornelius the Chicken
  • This animatronic is visually similar to Douglas Fir
    • It also has the same animation technology as Douglas Fir
  • All versions of Sunny used eyes that appeared on a Douglas Fir(most commonly using the oval shaped eyes with the white dot on the bottom), some early versions used the eyes that were round with a white dot in the middle of the black pupil
  • She has an identical twin named: Willis the Singing Wildflower who sings "Wild thing!"
  • She also has another twin who is not so identical called The Singing Flower who sings "I can see clearly now!"
  • Sunny can be powered by 3 C size batteries or by a 4.5 volt AC/DC adapter
  • Some versions of Sunny came with yellow sunglasses that were secured onto the head with an elastic band attached to the sunglasses
    • The versions that came with these sunglasses strangely never said anything about them being included anywhere on the box