The Turtle Dancers are a series of animated dancing turtles made in 2005-2006 yet sold in 2007. Each one dances to a different song. According to the Gemmy website, they also all had names.


Cha Cha Slide (green)- Bald version\hair version, named Cha Cha

Chicken Dance (green) Named Chick

Macarena (blue) Named Mac

Get Down On It (green) - Named Get Down

Funky Town (green) - Named Funky

Electric Slide (green girl) - Named Electric

I Like To Move It (brown) Named Paco

Let It Whip (green) - Named Orange Whip

These Boots Are Made For Walking (green girl)

You Dropped A Bomb On Me (green) - Named Da Bomb

You Dropped A Bomb On Me (valentines) - Named Da Bomb

Mr. Roboto (green) Named Mister Roboto

Ketchup Song (red) - Named Latin

I Love To Love You Baby (valentines red girl)

Funky Town (Valentines)

Bootylicious (green girl)

Funky Town (You Dropped A Bomb on Me version) - like a mix of Funky and Da Bomb

Green rubber turtle-Get down on it Named Get down

Pink rubber turtle-Funky Town Named Funky

Cowboy Turtle (Prototype)-N/A


Interestingly enough, some of the Turtle Dancers move the same way as the Funky Monkeys.