Wil Critter Cody Jr. is a plush singing toy hamster made in 2002 and is part of the Dancing Hamsters series. He wears a vest and pants with a blue design, a red bandana and a brown coyboy hat. He spins his lasso and moves his head and arms while singing "I wanna be a cowboy".

Dancing Hamsters-Wild Critter Cody Jr.

Wild Critter Cody Jr. in the box


-This item could possibly be Wild Critter Cody's remake model, since it has the same name, with the addion of "Jr" in it.

-The version of this item made by Funtime Gifts sings "Rawhide" insted of "I wanna be a cowboy" like Gemmy's version.

182975464 2003-dancing-hamster-wild-critter-cody-jr-by-gemmy-

Wild Critter Cody Jr. (Funtime Gifts version)

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