Zombie Fish

The Zombie Fish is an undead skeletal fish released in 2015. It sits on a black plaque, with a red button and motion sensor. When activated, 4 lights light up, a green and blue in the body, a green in the eye, and a green in the mouth, while the Zombie Fish flaps his tail and moves his mouth as he sings "I Will Survive".

Singing Zombie Skeleton Fish01:35

Singing Zombie Skeleton Fish

Zombie Fish in action


  • According to the Zombie Fish's appearance, he is a skeleton of a piranha.
  • He is one of the only 2 fish made by Gemmy that light up, the other being the New Big Mouth Billy Bones.
  • He is being sold at Target, but some people got him early off Amazon.
  • He is the only singing fish by Gemmy that doesn't move his head outward.
  • While the front of the fish has an eye, the back of the fish does NOT, possibly proving that this fish is in fact a zombie fish.
  • It is said that the first prototype of this fish sang "Monster Mash".

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