Zombie Fish

The Zombie Fish is an undead skeletal fish released in 2015. It sits on a black plaque, with a red button and motion sensor. When activated, 4 lights light up, a green and blue in the body, a green in the eye, and a green in the mouth, while the Zombie Fish flaps his tail and moves his mouth as he sings "I Will Survive".

Singing Zombie Skeleton Fish

Singing Zombie Skeleton Fish

Zombie Fish in action


  • According to the Zombie Fish's appearance, he is a skeleton of a piranha.
  • He is one of the only 2 fish made by Gemmy that light up, the other being the New Big Mouth Billy Bones.
  • He was being sold at Target, but some people got him early off Amazon.
  • He is the only singing fish by Gemmy that doesn't move his head outward.
  • While the front of the fish has an eye, the back of the fish does NOT, possibly proving that this fish is in fact a zombie fish.
  • It is said that the first prototype of this fish sang "Monster Mash".